All Dressed Up, With No Where to Go

All Dressed Up... for No Good Reason

A quick snapshot from dinner a few nights ago. Nick decided we needed to get dressed up for supper… so we did. We were eating dinner at home (chicken on the grill with a mixed green veggie side of bok choy, asparagus, sugar snap peas, regular peas, etc) and turned on some fancy symphony music to eat dinner to. In this photo, the 10 second photo timer was on for some reason… so we got to laughing really hard waiting for the camera to flash! Enjoy.

Preparing for the 2008 Bay to Breakers

Well… tonight is the big night. I am sitting around with Amy, Joe, Pam and Nick having a few frosty beverages shooting the shit preparing for the 2008 Bay to Breakers. We have our costumes prepared, we have a plan for getting to and from the race course, and now… we are drinking whiskey and lemonade drinks :D Check out the photos below to keep up to date with our progress.

Nick Produces a ‘Just for Fun’ Video for Mevio

A few of the folks at the office got together and made a video to show the rest of the company at a todays Fubar. FYI, this Fubar is something we have every few weeks for the company employees to get together, have some drinks, enjoy each others company and to spread recent news and new features throughout the departments. Usually a department makes a presentation (and tries to out do the others) and I thought this one was hilarious, but then again, I am a bit biased. It was shot and edited by the one and only, Nick (yeah, my brother). It was just a quick shoot and edit, but it made the whole office laugh.

Watch the Original Video here if the embed does not work.

Cason Puppy, Cason Enormous

Cason PuppyNick and Cason

I take a lot of pictures of the dog, but he is so darn cute how can you not?! Above are two photos of Cason taken a little more than 5 years apart. He jumped from like 20 pounds to 120 pounds pretty quickly. Oh yeah, Nick looks pretty happy in that photo too, doesn’t he?

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