The Year was 1996 I Believe…

Tim & Chris, 1996
This Photo taken by theFerf

While cleaning up some old backup CDs I stumbled across some classic photos. This one is from back in high school, my good friend Tim and I hanging out in the hallway of the school. I must say that this is a CLASSIC outfit on myself. Just for the record, I always wore that t-shirt and pajama pants on the day of a cross country race.

I know I shouldn’t post photos like this (it only enhances my nerd persona) but I could not resist, it just made me smile. Plus, I promised Tims sister I would post stories of us with photos from time to time. Hard to believe this was almost half a life time ago for me.

All Dressed Up, With No Where to Go

All Dressed Up... for No Good Reason

A quick snapshot from dinner a few nights ago. Nick decided we needed to get dressed up for supper… so we did. We were eating dinner at home (chicken on the grill with a mixed green veggie side of bok choy, asparagus, sugar snap peas, regular peas, etc) and turned on some fancy symphony music to eat dinner to. In this photo, the 10 second photo timer was on for some reason… so we got to laughing really hard waiting for the camera to flash! Enjoy.