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Ferf Wearing the Horns

What started as a joke years ago at PodShow has now become a tradition at Mevio. If you are unlucky enough to find an error or 404 page on the website you will find the back of my head not looking back at you. We have had a number of different versions of these over the years within the company for some reason. It’s sad that I look forward to the site crashing and burning to get a good laugh at the images that show up that we have forgotten about.

Thanks to a few of the people (jawbone, sue, bryn) who made me a living error.

Here are a few of the previous ones I could find:

Today we launched the new hosted channels on the Mevio site, something we are testing out. The first test example can be seen on the homepage of, or through the widget below. If you are fan of Adam Curry from the Mtv days, you will appreciate the classic “toss to a video” he flawlessly performs between each of the clips from the TeXtra Channel.


A few of the folks at the office got together and made a video to show the rest of the company at a todays Fubar. FYI, this Fubar is something we have every few weeks for the company employees to get together, have some drinks, enjoy each others company and to spread recent news and new features throughout the departments. Usually a department makes a presentation (and tries to out do the others) and I thought this one was hilarious, but then again, I am a bit biased. It was shot and edited by the one and only, Nick (yeah, my brother). It was just a quick shoot and edit, but it made the whole office laugh.

Watch the Original Video here if the embed does not work.