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Amy Mac Watching Amy Mac on Tivo

There is no denying the fact that my wife, Amy Mac, kicks some serious ass. To prove it I would like to present the details to you. She is on TiVo. Need I say more?! If you own a TiVo purchased in the last couple of years you can now access Amy Mac’s Fit Life (from PodShow) on your TiVo box. The photo is the night it happened… Amy Mac watching Amy Mac on TiVo (it was too funny not to take the photo).

Anyway, if you own a TiVo there are a few different ways to find the programming. But Basically, this is the deal…

How to Get Amy Mac (Fit Life) on Your TiVo:

  1. Push the TiVo button on your remote
  2. Click on “Find Programs”
  3. Click on “Download TV & Movies”
  4. Click on “PodShowTV”
  5. Click on “Fit Life with Amy Mac”

That’s it! From this point, I recommend that you get a season pass so it will automatically download the episodes when they are published. Enjoy, and congratulations to my wifey!
>>View the Slide Show of the TiVo Photos Here
>> View Just the TiVo Photos Here

AldenI will keep this one short and to the point. Alden Rocks. On her album, Snapshot, she wrote the music, played the guitar and sings as well. Her sound is sexy and warm and is that “feel good” kind of music that helps you put a bit of faith back in humanity just by listening. This is the album I put on when the stress starts getting to me… it soothes me and makes me smile in an instant.

Check out her music now from the PodShow Player below, and if you like it… go to CD Baby and buy it (or email alden from her site at You won’t regret it.

Setting up the Studio

Well it seems Amy and I may have become comfortable with our stress level here in California. So instead of relaxing a bit or taking a vacation or …. well … doing anything normal, we decided to kick it up a notch. We recently invested in a small video production studio. What are we going to be recording and producing? Who knows. We will start with a few new podcasts and work our way up from there. Let the fun begin. Again. Here is a photo from the night we unpacked the first set of boxes. You can find more in my photos section.

Hello family and friends. As you know, we have been developing the PodShow+ Social Media Network for sometime now and we have finally opened the doors! You can find my profile at or you can browse the main site ore create an account at

There are a lot of fun things to do there like finding and interacting with old and new friends, finding great content to subscribe to, listen to or watch, and more. Make sure you check out the Program Guide on the site, it will help you find some of the best shows on the site.

If you have any troubles and are looking for ‘insider help’, don’t hesitate to email me (yes mom, this is meant for you). I would love your feedback and any bugs you find, be sure to let me know as well!!

PS> after you get into the site, make sure you go to my profile and click on the ‘dig me’ link to add me to your friends list. :D