365 Days of Memories & Reflection – RIP Tim McGovern (3 Years)

You know the expression “time flys”, we all use it. But it’s only when you sit and think about the major milestones and events that you realize how much has happened in that year, what you have really accomplished, how much you have to be thankful for and how much you have really packed into life. My trigger every year is today, October 31… the day Tim died. I’m thankful to have that trigger to really reflect on the year and think about everything that has happened in the past year, the people I love most, and the things I have accomplished. It’s always emotional to do, but a blessing none the less to force myself to take some time and really document what has happened in the last 365 days.

My Short List:

I encourage you to find one day a year to sit back and just think about what all you have done, and what you have to be thankful for. I miss Tim every day, but am glad he gave me the gift of learning to reflect and be thankful. I miss you buddy.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife – With Remix!

I love the internet. This news story was released not too long ago where a man broke into a home in the projects and tried to rape one of the women there, but was interrupted by her brother storming in. While this is a scary thing, the people on the internet made a remix/rap song. You MUST watch both, this is some good stuff.

The Original News Story

The Remix Rap Song Version

The Nashville Flood – This Video Says It All

Don’t read, just watch. This video captures a portion of the emotion and amount of rain and destruction caused by the May 1-2, 2010 Nashville rain & floods.

From the Producer

Between May 1st and May 2nd, 2010, Middle Tennessee received the greatest amount of rainfall in recorded history. It left us with several casualties, millions of dollars in damage and an indelible mark on our city. This video shows but a small sample of the destruction and mayhem wrought by this disaster. Please pray for those affected. If you feel so inclined, please make a donation at http://www.nashvilleredcross.org.

Nashville, Tennessee Flooding – Devastating River Destruction

NOTE: Scroll down for my photos and videos or check them out here!

What started off as a laughable amount of rainfall here in Nashville has turned into a devastating flood as water accumulates from across the Harpeth River valley area. There will, in the end, be millions of dollars worth of flood damage and perhaps more than a dozen deaths (numbers keep fluctuating up and down). We are still in the middle of this whole thing, and I’m sure there will be many more pictures and videos of the destruction in this Nashville/Bellevue flooding …. but below are a few of mine.

These photos and videos were taken earlier today when Amy and I made a trip into town to get ice, food and to charge our electronics since there is no power in Pegram, TN and the flooding that is happening.

If you are looking for more news, photos and reports from people living in Nashville, the Nashvillest website has a giant list of flood news resources. You can also follow @nashvillest on Twitter, they are destroying the coverage… props to those guys!

As it currently stands, they have started evacuating downtown Nashville areas that are closest to the river (1st avenue) near the historic Broadway music area due to rising flood waters. In Franklin, TN there is a sundown curfew due to the flood to help protect people. And where we are in Pegram/Bellevue, there is no way to get into town. With down trees, down power lines, extreme flooding of I-40 and side roads… there is no way to get anywhere. We can only hope that people are being smart out there and staying safe.

Another Update: I just got saw a tweet from my friend Christopher who lives in Franklin stating that the National Guard just rolled in to evacuate their neighborhood. Areas are indeed getting worse.

We have also set a 1 day rain record with 7.21″ of rain today in Nashville and 13.6″ in the state of Tennessee today! We have had more rain today than we have had in the rest of the year combined I believe!

See all the photos and videos here.

Meteor Fireballs in the Sky! Someone is Pissed – Is it Jesus or Aliens?

In a spectacle I have never before seen, a ball of fire (they claim meteor) flew through the sky in the midwest last night for about 15 minutes, passing through Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Iowa. The authorities are saying it is some sort of meteorite from a recent meteor shower. Nope. It’s Jesus, and he is pissed! (catch up on the story, Read the full story on the Meteors blowing up on CNN.)

Ok, it could be aliens too. Either way, someone is throwing fire at us and trying to burn all the corn fields in the midwest. My guess? They are pissed that Americans are so fat and lazy, and they blame corn. Corn, or a biproduct of corn, is in everything from food, plastic, animal feed, fuel, clothing and … well, damn near everything. Start those states on fire by dropping a meteor flame (or alien missile shot), kill all the corn, and suddenly Americans will get skinny and stop buying random useless shit, right?

Check out this video now from CNN and their affiliates, of the meteor/fireball blazing through the sky!

Here is a quote from the CNN article, “Well before it reached the horizon, it broke up into smaller pieces and was lost from sight,” the service said. “Several reports of a prolonged sonic boom were received from areas north of Highway 20, along with shaking of homes, trees and various other objects including wind chimes,” it said.”

You know I kid, Jesus & Aliens… I still love you both. See all the google news about the meteors blowing up in the skies here. And lets be clear, in all honesty, this is pretty fucked up. There should never be an unknown fireball in the sky. We have some of the worlds most advanced technology to detect meteore, missiles, aircraft and who knows what else.. so a 15 minute burst of meteor fire in the sky should not be something that sneaks up on us.