Ziplining in Maui – An Eco Adventure Thrill

Amy and Chris, Halftime

Sometimes I forget to blog about all the fun things (at least in my mind) that Amy and I get to do. This was one of those cases, and Im sure as I try to find more time to relax since the Marathon has concluded, i will be able to blog a bit more and share the stories with you.

These photos are from the best zipline tours in Hawaii (Maui, to be more specific). This eco adventure, as they like to call it, was a half day ordeal but was totally worth it. We zipped between two mountains 8 times in total with the longest zip being over 1100 feet. We passed through multiple climate zones, soared over streams and waterfalls and got to enjoy the great outdoors. Maui was much more beautiful than I expected it to be, and spending a week there with just my wife, and being able to experience day trips like this, make it a trip that I will always remember.

More Photos of Amy and I Ziplining

Learning How to Surf in Maui, Hawaii

Learning to Surf in Maui 2008
This Photo taken by theFerf

Well, it’s not a giant tube, but it was a great wave to learn on! Here is a quick snapshot of me learning how to surf yesterday here in Maui. I even tricked Amy Mac into learning how to surf too (and if you know Amy, you know she NEVER puts her face in the water)! Notice our instructor (JB Fallo) in the back left of the photo… he was happy we were able to get up and surf that day too.

More later, just a quick post :)

Status Update, Where Am I?

It has been a crazy few months so I thought I would give another quick update. The marathon training has been going great. Logging lots of miles, until, I got shin splints. I have been not running for the last week or so and have been trying to stretch and relax a bit to ease the pain. It was probably a good thing though, because I had a LOT of work to do last week as PodShow released a major upgrade to the site, as well as a name change to Mevio.

PodShow is now Mevio - the new logoSo a little bit about the name change. PodShow, the company I have worked with for the last 3+ years, has re-branded to Mevio (found at of course). There were many reasons for this but I don’t really need to get into all of that here. If you would like a great take on the transition from one of our producers standpoints, you can check out the GeekBrief blog with Cali Lewis. She wrote up a great post on it. I am excited about the changes happening at the office and am looking forward to where the company is going.

Now back to the marathon training. In preparing for the big race, Amy and I (as well as Nick a little bit and our friends Joe and Pam) are going to run in some other races as well. Mid May we are going to be taking part in the Bay to Breakers 12k and then the San Francisco 1/2 marathon in August before we take off to the Portland Marathon in October! Lets hope my shins heal up nicely before we get too much further :)

What else? In August, Amy and I will have been married for 7 years. At that time, we will be taking our first official vacation as a couple! We have taken a weekend here and there, or went home to Tennessee for a week but still working regular hours, so this is a pretty big deal for us. We will be taking off to Hawaii (Kauai and Maui I believe) for around 10 days and if the timing works out, maybe a trip through Las Vegas on the way back to attend the Portable Media Expo… we will have to see about that one, though.

Other than that, I guess it is work as usual. Long days and nights trying to build the best online entertainment hub on the planet :) Stay tuned for more updates and photos, I have lots of them but no time to post regularly. Nick and Amy are both up to some amazing things that I can not talk about yet… but soon!