Ziplining in Maui – An Eco Adventure Thrill

Amy and Chris, Halftime

Sometimes I forget to blog about all the fun things (at least in my mind) that Amy and I get to do. This was one of those cases, and Im sure as I try to find more time to relax since the Marathon has concluded, i will be able to blog a bit more and share the stories with you.

These photos are from the best zipline tours in Hawaii (Maui, to be more specific). This eco adventure, as they like to call it, was a half day ordeal but was totally worth it. We zipped between two mountains 8 times in total with the longest zip being over 1100 feet. We passed through multiple climate zones, soared over streams and waterfalls and got to enjoy the great outdoors. Maui was much more beautiful than I expected it to be, and spending a week there with just my wife, and being able to experience day trips like this, make it a trip that I will always remember.

More Photos of Amy and I Ziplining