Man Stabbed for Laptop in SF Wireless Cafe

Free Google Wireless Internet can’t come soon enough in this town. It’s a sad day when you have to question wether or not its worth taking your laptop with you someplace in fear of your life.

A San Francisco finance manager stopped in at a Mission District cafe and was tapping on his laptop as he enjoyed his coffee just before noon on a Thursday. Suddenly, he was under siege.

“I looked up, and I saw this guy leaning into me as if he was asking a question,” he said. “I leaned forward, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone fiddling with the computer cord. I tried to stand up, and as I stepped back, he stabbed me in the chest.”

The attack marked a violent turn in a wave of crime that has hit the city — the “hot spots” frequented by wireless laptop users are becoming hot spots for laptop robberies.

The 40-year-old San Francisco victim of the March 16 attack suffered a partially collapsed lung and was hospitalized for six days. The two suspects fled with his Apple PowerBook, worth $2,500.

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