Keeping It Real: Reaching Your Audience With An Authentic Voice

One of my friends from Canadia (yes Canadia) has a proposed manifesto at about “Keeping It Real” in todays culture. In a world where everyone is their own hype man and advertiser, these people are trying to build every small idea up to be the next big thing just to gain the attention of the media and a potential share of market in a certain niche that they themselves most likely don’t even understand. Julians manifesto plans to cover these topics and more. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the truth instead of the hype? If you think so, click on the link below and give Julians Manifesto idea a vote. With enough votes, the manifesto will actually get written.

The business world is full of false promises and hype. Companies are constantly attempting to reach youth and underground culture – a culture that they do not understand and, often, do not care to. Instead, they do their best to create the air of authenticity, to buy their way into the hearts and minds of teenager and hipster alike. All the while, they are praying that they will not get caught (that is, if they even realize how fake they are being in the first place). Does this sound like your organization? It doesn’t have to. Keep It Real is a manifesto that asks genuine, important questions about the methods your organization uses to reach its customers. You will learn to address how you can best communicate with your audience – which may include taking part in the cultures you reach out to, and growing to understand and appreciate the value of their thinking and behaviour.

ChangeThis :: View Proposal and Vote Now

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