My Saturday with the Flu

A little late, but here is the story of my weekend not too long ago.

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  • bumb grill
  • 20 cycle escort
  • haight ashburry = GAP
  • fever = 104
  • bribed lady at walgreens for cason

Last weekend was the weekend from hell for me. I had a temperature of 104 degrees with flu-like symptoms and to make things worse, Amy was back in Tennessee so no one was home to take care of me (or to take me to the emergency room if I were to start having a seizure).
In any case, the weekend had its ups and downs. Mostly downs, but while on my was back and forth to the pharmacy I had a few rays of sunshine. I saw my favorite local bumb having a bar-b-que. He was grilling what seemed to be about 3 pounds of raw hamburger, 2 green peppers and a few whole onions all on a little grill. Really strange to see a homeless guy chilling with a teddy bear all happy with his insane amount of food grilling in the stairwell.

Further down the street i was cut off by about 20 police motorcycles escorting a limo. Im not sure who was so important, but they might as well have been taping a movie with the amount of security and sirens there were. Continuing my walk out to the pharmacy, I realized I had the dog with me. I had been walking him after his supper and thought I should go to pick up a prescription, not thinking that I could not take the dog in with me. I ended up bribing some lady to pet my dog so I could go in the store for a few minutes.

And finally, where the famous Haight Street Meets Ashburry Street, what would you expect to find there? Smoke shops? Hippies? Earthy mom and pop shops selling weird nic-naks? Nope. It was the GAP. What the Hell.

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