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Sending money just got easier! Send money conveniently to friends and family. Instead of mailing a check, send money by phone with a service that you trust…

Once your phone is activated, text the amount you would like to send, along with the receivers phone number, to the PAYPAL number and the money will be transferred from your account to theirs. In my instance, if you text money to my cell phone number, it will get sent to my personal paypal account because I have attached that number to it. This sounds really cool to me and can see some cool things happening with this.

Make money fast! Listen up friends and family, cash in now on the employers you hate!

Step 1. Every Office has Pirated Software. Find it.
Step 2. Install it
Step 3. Call the BSA and blame it on your boss
Step 4. Take the year off!

Bust your next employer, win $50K from the BSA BoingBoing reader polymorf says, “Job-search website appears to be in cahoots with the Business Software Alliance (BSA). They’re offering potential employees a big reward if they narq out their next potential employer for software piracy.”

>> From Boing Boing

I am eagerly anticipating the Mac version of this one. It could have a dramatic effect on the podcasting landscape if people could have the ability to create and share playlists of podcasts and podsafe music through podcasting sites. Follow link for screen shots.

Songbird, the eagerly anticipated new media browser and web player built on the Mozilla (Firefox) engine, will launch (for Windows) later tonight or this morning. Mac and linux will come later.

Since songbird is a web browser in addition to a media player, user will be able to browse web sites. If audio files are embedded in the site, they will be displayed separately and can be played, downloaded, included in playlists, etc.

Because Songbird is built on the Mozilla platform it will be fully extensible by third parties with minimal developer skills – XML, CSS and Javascript. Extensions will work across all platforms – windows, mac and linux. Songbird is also open source and developers may modify the source code.

TechCrunch » Songbird to Launch Tonight

The rumors may finally be coming to truth, and the first tests of mac VS windows will soon be under way now that people have the new OS X running on a Windows machine. Let the fun begin! (click through to site to see a screenshot of OS X on IBM Thinkpad).

I got the chance to play with an IBM ThinkPad that dual boots Windows XP and Mac OS 10.4 (the “Intellese” version). It felt like I was in the twilight zone seeing the shiny Mac interface on a black IBM laptop…