Make money fast! Listen up friends and family, cash in now on the employers you hate!

Step 1. Every Office has Pirated Software. Find it.
Step 2. Install it
Step 3. Call the BSA and blame it on your boss
Step 4. Take the year off!

Bust your next employer, win $50K from the BSA BoingBoing reader polymorf says, “Job-search website appears to be in cahoots with the Business Software Alliance (BSA). They’re offering potential employees a big reward if they narq out their next potential employer for software piracy.”

>> From Boing Boing


  1. Tony G

    Yeah, right. I worked for a big market research company a few years back and we were using a lot of pirated software. I blew the whistle to the BSA, gave a statement and the place got busted, but I never saw a cent from the bastards, because I declined their invitation to be a witness in court proceedings. It wasn’t even necessary, because they found the software installed and in use on about 80 work stations.

    Result: I lost my job. Thanks a lot, BSA — you cheating scumbags!

  2. Well, that sucks. I guess Im going to have to keep up the day job then. Thanks for chiming in Tony G!

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