Art from ERIN O'NEILL Erin O’Neill from my the PodShow office has some photos in a gallery here in SF. Focus Gallery, 2423 Polk Street (at Union), San Francisco is the address. Opening reception will be held Thursday, December 8th, 6 to 9 pm. Public is welcome.

“I have investigated gender performance and the creation of Trans culture since 1993. In 1997, when I was awarded the James D. Phelan in photography, Camerawork wrote, “This work unmoors gender from its foundation in the physical body.” My current project, Kings of the Road, posits drag kings as the protagonists of their own road movies. I try to construct realities in a manner analogous to the subjects’ gender transgressions. The bipolar gender system starts to appear antiquated after a viewing these photographs.”

BAPC: Members’ Gallery: Erin O’Neill

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