Weekend Wrap-up

For most of you who know me, you know I’m usually a pretty low key guy. Don’t get my wrong, I can be completely nutty when needed but on my own am actually kinda lame. That said, let me tell you a story about this previous weekend.

On Friday, as is PodShow tradition, we took part in foobar Friday. It started at 4pm this week and we had a special occasion… we hired a new guy (welcome RB-H) and he, with the help of Chris and Aaron, had brewed some special PodShow holiday beer in his home brewery. Thats where the fun began. After a few beverages Chris Rockwell and I left from there to head to the Apple Store where Miggs (http://miggsband.com) was for some reason performing a live acoustic set. While the others didn’t enjoy it (chris, sue, big mike, matt, kevin) I personally didn’t think it was that bad…but I digress.

The next stop was Foleys Irish bar/restaurant where I enjoyed a pint and some fish and chips..delicious. While there we saw some posers prepare to play but fortunately got out before the 50 year old man could break into the first chorus of hit me baby one more time. Much to our pleasure, kevins wife joined us making our party 7 total. Our end goal was to end to watch Michael Butler and American Heartbreak (http://www.americanheartbreak.com) performance that evening. When we were debating how to get to the north side a limo pulled up out front and asked if we wanted a ride. What are the chances of that? Arriving a bit early we went next door and watched a cool jazz/funk band perform (trumpet, sax, keys guitars and drum kit) and they rocked out. Someone is going to have to remind me of their name, I didn’t get a copy of the cd. Finally, after all that, we paid our cover and got into the Lost and Found Saloon and watched Michael and his band mates rock. Even more fun, Ron and Marta Bloom and Richard B-H showed up to offer their support and to listen to great music. All in all, a great night.

So why am I posting this? I did more that night, in one night, than I do in a normal month. Who else drinks at work, watches a band, has a pint and supper at an irish pub, than continues to see 2 more band at 2 more clubs in one evening? I rule.

Oh yeah, final thoughts: I would like to thank everyone for taking me out with them and showing me a good time and then leaving me all alone in the pisser at the jazz bar. That was so sweet of you.

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