Leaving San Francisco > Photos from the Going Away Party

I will be doing a more in depth blog post soon, but wanted to get the photos out ASAP. Amy and I are moving back to Nashville, TN and these are the photos of us and our friends at the going away party. Enjoy :)

Happy 30th Birthday to Tim McGovern

Chris and Tim, 21st Birthday

9 years ago today, Tim & I celebrated his 21st birthday (and 3 days later we celebrated mine). And as was par for the course, we had to wear our party hats. There were very few times that Tim and I went out together that we would NOT be wearing hats. Some of the best memories I have from growing up were with Tim, and I am so glad I have these photos to remind me of him always. Wish you were here, Tim.

See below for a few more images of Tim and I – all wearing our party hats :) As you know, You can see all the photos of Tim over at www.timmcgovern.us.

Chris and Tim at the Gun Show

Tim and Chris, Ballet Dancing

Tim and Chris, Ready to Rock

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