Amy Mac Interviews Candice Michelle, the GoDaddy Girl

Amy Mac Interviewing Candice Michelle, the GoDaddy Girl

Coming soon to a Fit Life episode, see the full interview between Amy Mac and the original GoDaddy Girl, Candice Michelle! Want to know the secret of how Candice Michelle stays in such great shape? Subscribe to Fit Life now and prepare yourself.

PS > Did you know that Candice Michelle is also the Womens WWE World Champion?

Amateur Videographers Go Behind the Scenes at Infineon

Amy and Ferf at Infineon Raceway

Thanks to Joe for snapping this quick photo of Amy and I on the race track in Sonoma. There is a lot of video footage coming soon of interviews, shooting of the commercial, OJ and Dr. Cockney learning to drive indy cars and a whole lot more! Don’t under estimate the power of my little Sony A1U. It may look tiny, but it shoots HD like a big boy.

Stay tuned!

Meeting Danica Patrick at Infineon Raceway

OJ and Danica Patrick, GoDaddy

This past weekend Amy and I had the opportunity to film some behind the scenes type footage at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California where BT PodShows’ OJ Borg interviewed Danica Patrick before her big race. This photo was snapped during the interview. Click through to see more photos of the event and other cool shots of the film crews.

Hud at the Caves

Hud at the Caves
This Photo taken by theFerf

I never got a chance to really thank Hud for coming to SF to visit me. You are a good friend. I guess I will have to repay the favor soon and come see ya’ll again back in Indiana (you better have the hot tub working, ass!)

Anyway, here is one of the photos from the Ferf and Hud adventure in San francisco. This one is from the caves at the Sutro Bath House near our condo here in San Fran.

Classic Hud.