6 thoughts on “WTF Corporate America, Standards Much?! Lotus Notes Emails

  1. Thanks for this. I work at a large company where I have to send emails through lotus Notes to lotus notes, iPhones, and iPads.

    The only issue I still have is a black border showing up around certain s. I’m hoping I the reason is because I put a white border on those s since padding and margin wouldn’t work. I guess I’ll try and use cell padding instead.

  2. Hey @terryriegel:disqus – The only advice I have is to use LitmusApp.com to test :) Without diving in and testing them comprehensively, I can not offer any solid advice right now. Sorry.

  3. Very interesting and thanks for sharing. I have started using “div” for all my “p” not even because of lotus notes but Outlook which ignores all margins and add is own margins.

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