Tim McGovern – One Year Anniversary, RIP

It is hard to believe it has been one year already since Tim gave his life for our country. October 31st marked the date. Amy and I visited Tim in Idaville, Indiana which is when we snapped the photo below. We drove the route that we took the day of the funeral and I retold the story to Amy. It was a bit harder than we thought it would be seeing his name written on the stone, but we are glad we went. We will be there every year in honor and remembrance. (more below the photo)…
Timothy I McGovern - KIA 10/31/2007

On a lighter note, I was asked by a good friend to share some stories of the years Tim and I had together (high school friends, college roomates)… so lets move on to that now :)

“The year was 1997 and it was the first year Tim and I were in the college dorms at Purdue University. Tim was, obviously, an ROTC boy and therefor spent many long weekends out in training and many more early mornings at PT, working out.

On one weekend, I had a few friends over for a party where we decided to have some mixed drinks. Screw drivers were the drink of choice (for those not in the know, the ingredients are vodka and orange juice) and in an effort to cover our tracks and prevent getting caught drinking under age, we simply poured the vodka into the orange juice containers so we would not have a bunch of liquor bottles laying around.

Tim was in the field all weekend and went straight to PT Monday morning, so he was unaware of my party. Upon arriving home from PT he went straight to the fridge, exhausted, and slammed a quart of the orange juice and jumped into bed for a few hours. When he woke up, he was WASTED from dehydration and consuming a massive amount of alcohol. He called me freaking out, thinking he had been poisoned some how when in reality, he was just drunk, dehydrated and exhausted from three days of hard training and no sleep.

I remember seeing him huddled up in a blanket in our dorm room when I came back from class looking like absolute hell. From that point on he always sniffed first, drank second, anything that came from the fridge :) “