I Bought A Bike > Schwinn 2007 LeTour

2007 Schwinn Le Tour Road BikeHere it is, my new road bike. It is a little odd riding a road bike considering I have ever only ridden a mountain bike, but I am starting to get used to it. I have only been out on a few rides, but it is an amazing bike. It is fast and is pretty comfortable.

The goal is to ride this a few times a week (evenings and weekends) until the shin splints go away and as a cross-training tool. The next step is to start riding it to work. Not a big deal in distance (its only 3 miles to the train) but the ride from the train to the house is the tough part. It’s uphill, foggy and dark by the time I get home in the evenings… which doesn’t sound like a safe thing to be doing to me. Not a whole lot of news here, just excited to own the bike and wanted to blog about it so I could remember it when I am old… that is, of course, one of the goals of this blog… to remind me of all of my adventures when my brain gives up on me.