Amy Macs Fitness Attack Book Now Available! Buy It

Fitness Attack by Amy MacFriday is the Big Day!! Amy Mac has published her very first book titled, “Fitness Attack” where she gives you 101 easy to implement tips & tricks to hack your body (and your life) into being better. If you have the $15 to spare, buy her book from on Friday (leap day)!

Amy Mac Publishes Her First Book, Fitness Attack!

Fitness Attack Book (by Amy Mac) Arrived!

Holy Cow! And I thought I was just marrying someone who was hot… little did I know she would become one of the most prolific podcasters (5 times a week +), a TiVo superstar, a kick ass personal trainer and now… a published author!

Congratulations to my wife, Amy Mac, for releasing her first ever book aptly titled Fitness Attack: 101 Tips, Tricks, Do’s Don’ts and Other Random Thoughts from the Master of Fitness. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to share this with our family and friends (ps, if you are in our family, don’t buy this. You are probably getting it in your stocking).

The book is available now online, and will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more, Amy Mac is just getting warmed up!

>> Buy the Fitness Attack Book Here
>> Find out more about the ‘Master of Fitness’ at

Fit Life on TiVo > Congratulations Amy Mac!

Amy Mac Watching Amy Mac on Tivo

There is no denying the fact that my wife, Amy Mac, kicks some serious ass. To prove it I would like to present the details to you. She is on TiVo. Need I say more?! If you own a TiVo purchased in the last couple of years you can now access Amy Mac’s Fit Life (from PodShow) on your TiVo box. The photo is the night it happened… Amy Mac watching Amy Mac on TiVo (it was too funny not to take the photo).

Anyway, if you own a TiVo there are a few different ways to find the programming. But Basically, this is the deal…

How to Get Amy Mac (Fit Life) on Your TiVo:

  1. Push the TiVo button on your remote
  2. Click on “Find Programs”
  3. Click on “Download TV & Movies”
  4. Click on “PodShowTV”
  5. Click on “Fit Life with Amy Mac”

That’s it! From this point, I recommend that you get a season pass so it will automatically download the episodes when they are published. Enjoy, and congratulations to my wifey!
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