I Hate to Ruin the Surprise, but…

I am too excited! When Amy and I moved to California we sold off both of our cars in Tennessee and decided to give public transportation in the city a go. That lasted a week. After that, I bought a $500 motorcycle and soon after, Amy got her scooter. I have been riding a motorcycle daily for almost a year and a half, and Amy has been riding hers for almost a year.

Now, I’m sure your wondering to yourself, “why the hell is he telling us this?”, so here is the answer. We bought a new car. We sold our 2 Hondas that we had owned for almost 5 years (as I mentioned earlier) and when we decided to start looking at new cars, we went straight to the Honda dealers to look.

After riding through blazing hot heat, freezing cold, strong winds and what seemed like 2 straight months of solid rain last winter, I still love my motorcycle… but have welcomed our climate controled CR-V into our life. We are having a few accessories installed as I type, but will be taking photos soon for you all to check out. For the 10 years I had of driving a car in the midwest I didn’t know what a luxury it truely was. That is until we jumped into our new car for the first time and headed out of town this past weekend.

Photos and details coming soon.

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