44 Hours Until I’m in Indiana

Monticello Weather

WTF! It is 4 degrees in Indiana right NOW! And I should note that it is 54 degrees here in San Francisco. Not warm, but not four.

Anyway, I figured since I damn near maxed out the number of vacation days you can have at our office (I knew I was forgetting something) and I was going to start losing them soon, I should burn through a few of thouse hours on “not working”. So Indiana, here I come! So David… get the hot tub fired up, buy a couple of handles of whiskey, and let’s get this party started, Indiana style!

Who knows what the hell I will do for 6 days in the middle of nowhere… if the “ferf growing up in Indana” myth is true (thanks Aaron), I will probably be running through the corn fields without a shirt on and counting my cuts.

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