Did You Know 20% of Every Dollar in America is Spent on Healthcare?

20% of Every Dollar is Spent on Healthcare

You may not know it, but a change is coming. Soon we Americans are going to breathe a collective sigh of relief and wonder to ourselves, “what the hell were we thinking?”. The healthcare industry as we know it is seriously fucked up. It is not going to change over night, but with the help of one small company it just may be changed from this point on. Enter change:healthcare.

change:healthcare has one mission… To provide consumers with the tools, services and information they need to make the best healthcare decisions possible. Period.

Did you take a minute to read the words in the image above and grasp how awful this is?

“20% of every dollar in America is spent on healthcare.”

With the amount of money, time, energy, frustration and confusion that exists within the healthcare system, hardworking people like you and I have previously been left out of the conversation. We have been left to fend for ourselves and to find our own information in order to make intelligent decisions about how we spend our money in regard to health related expenses. Do yourself a favor: visit this page and learn about the change that IS coming. Starting March 3, 2008, you too will be able to change healthcare.

>> Change Healthcare Website

Amy Macs Fitness Attack Book Now Available! Buy It

Fitness Attack by Amy MacFriday is the Big Day!! Amy Mac has published her very first book titled, “Fitness Attack” where she gives you 101 easy to implement tips & tricks to hack your body (and your life) into being better. If you have the $15 to spare, buy her book from Amazon.com on Friday (leap day)!

Fit Life on TiVo > Congratulations Amy Mac!

Amy Mac Watching Amy Mac on Tivo

There is no denying the fact that my wife, Amy Mac, kicks some serious ass. To prove it I would like to present the details to you. She is on TiVo. Need I say more?! If you own a TiVo purchased in the last couple of years you can now access Amy Mac’s Fit Life (from PodShow) on your TiVo box. The photo is the night it happened… Amy Mac watching Amy Mac on TiVo (it was too funny not to take the photo).

Anyway, if you own a TiVo there are a few different ways to find the programming. But Basically, this is the deal…

How to Get Amy Mac (Fit Life) on Your TiVo:

  1. Push the TiVo button on your remote
  2. Click on “Find Programs”
  3. Click on “Download TV & Movies”
  4. Click on “PodShowTV”
  5. Click on “Fit Life with Amy Mac”

That’s it! From this point, I recommend that you get a season pass so it will automatically download the episodes when they are published. Enjoy, and congratulations to my wifey!
>>View the Slide Show of the TiVo Photos Here
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