8 Months and I finally Used it!

Yesterday morning I road my motorcycle into the office and “thought” I had turned it off. Apparently the motorcycle has a parking setting that leaves the lights on even though you are allowed to pull the keys out and walk away. Considering it was a bright and sunny morning, I didnt notice until it was time for me to take off and head off to Sues’ place for supper that the lights will still on.

So here I am, South of Market, nothings really open, and I have a dead battery. Thankfully last year for Christmas Amys’ parents bought us a years worth of AAA. I had always thought we should pop one of the tires on our car sometime just so we could use it and the year membership would not go to waste. So, thankfully, my battery went dead and I didn’t have to pop any tires becuase I finally, after 8 months in a 12 month membership, needed to call AAA.

I was a bit frightened at first, because even though Amy had yelled at me constantly to carry the AAA card with me at all times, I never did, and I thought this would be the time it bit me in the ass. I had to call Amy and get the AAA number and our membership number even to start the process. Fortunately, Crystal (from AAA Customer Support) was very nice and said I only needed photo ID after I verfied my number. 25 minutes later the tow truck was there to jump me.

One last thing…I think I offended the tow truck driver. Immediately after he sparked my bike up and it was running, I looked at him and said, “I can’t belive you get paid for that.” I need to watch my mouth I suppose with people who may not know/get my sense of humor. It was meant to be a joke that… ahh, you get it..right?

2 thoughts on “8 Months and I finally Used it!

  1. A towing contractor responding to a AAA call does not get paid as much as if a consumer just called him from the yellow pages. However, that consumer is probably only going to call him one time a year, while AAA will keep him/her busy through-out the year.

    Any opinion on AAA getting in the NASCAR arena and sponsoring Mark Martin next year?

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