Amy Macs Fitness Attack Book Now Available! Buy It

Fitness Attack by Amy MacFriday is the Big Day!! Amy Mac has published her very first book titled, “Fitness Attack” where she gives you 101 easy to implement tips & tricks to hack your body (and your life) into being better. If you have the $15 to spare, buy her book from on Friday (leap day)!

Melted Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich

Melted Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich
This Photo taken by theFerf

Amy and Nick were shooting a show a few nights ago for Amys Fit Life Show and sometimes, there are casualties. This time, it was our ice cream sandwiches.

While they were filming, they turned the fridge temperature down ALL THE WAY because it was making too much noise during recording. The problem… they forgot to turn it back up for 48 hours. Yeah.

So, I’m not sure if we are going to die or not, but after all the food cooled down again and the ice machine started making ice instead of buckets of water we started eating some of it.

What are your thoughts… is it safe to eat food after a few days in a fridge in the ‘danger zone’ or should we toss everything and start again?

The Year of the Marathon!

Not too long ago Amy and I went out with some friends of our (Joe & Pam). While out, we got to talking about running and marathons and it turns out, Pam has run a few in her day. As the conversation continued, Amy said she had always wanted to run a marathon (as had I)… so she decided right then and there that 2008 would be the Year of the Marathon! She has started a mission that I assume will be one of the hardest of her fitness life… and I will be running along side her.

Amy and I have always been very active (she much more than I) and look forward to this challenge. If you are interested in running with us (or biking with me) shoot me an email and lets get outside! The weather has just started being nice again outside (above 60 and sunny all week) and I am excited to get off of the treadmill. Visit my site often and check out the running log (in the right hand navigation) to follow our mileage and routes.

Lots of updates to follow, I’m sure. Oh, for reference, I am debating running the San Francisco Marathon and Amy is thinking about the Nike Womens Marathon. Additionally, we are going to try and run the Bay to Breakers 12k in May as well as a fitness gauge.