Amy and Amy at the Wedding of the Century!

Amy and Amy
This Photo taken by theFerf

I have known Amy and Joe for almost 7 years now. They have been together for 12+ years (way longer than I have known MY Amy) and they have finally tied the knot! Amy and I were fortunate enough to be able to fly back to Indiana for the event (like we would have missed it… especially since Amy was a bridesmaid).

This photo is of Amy and Amy at the wedding reception. Click through to see a few more photos of Joe, the wedding shower and a few others as well.

Congratulation’s Joe and Amy!!

Two Scared Kids a.k.a Cason Gets a Bath

Two Scared Kids - Cason Gets a Bath
This Photo taken by theFerf

This just in! Amy decided she wanted to try and save a bit of cash and wash the dog herself. The issue is, he out weighs her by a good 20-25 pounds. When he decides he is done with the bath, he walks away and there is NOTHING she can do about it. Not to mention it takes about an hour for Amy to blow dry him. Typically we take him to the pet store and they give him a bath, blow him dry, trim his nails, make him smell good and, if we want, add bows to his hair (for about $50). But, for as infrequent as he gets a bath and for as much work as it is for Amy to wash him, the money is totally worth it :)

Click for the bonus photo…Cason does not look pleased!

On our way to iMedia

Amy and Ferf at the Airport, Caffeinating
This Photo taken by theFerf

Last weekend Amy and I traveled to Austin, TX (at least near Austin) to attend iMedia. Amy was the host on the red carpet, introducing a small demo of thePlus! to iMedia attendees. This photo is in the SF airport on the way to Austin getting our dose of caffeine, after having only slept a few hours the night before preparing for the event.

Check out to see videos and photos from the event!