Monthly Archives: May 2007

Meth Coffee
This Photo taken by theFerf

Ever wonder what keeps me running so hard for so long? I can tell you this, the Meth Coffee definitely does not hurt any :) Fortunately, when I can’t get my Meth Coffee fix, San Francisco is home to some of the best little coffee shops I have ever been to and are available everywhere, and at all hours.

Dave — if you are reading this — when are you coming out? I know if anybody will appreciate the 24/7 availability of coffee it will be you.

Amy, Barry and Marty
This Photo taken by theFerf

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day life that sometimes I forget about all the cool things we get to do. Whether it be in our daily lives through PodShow and living in San Francisco or in the little trips we get to take. This photo is a perfect example.

I had forgotten to blog about it, but a few months back, Amy, Barry and I went to visit our friend Marty in Breckenridge, Colorado. To be honest, the only place I have ever been skiing before was on the man made snow on the hills of Indiana or Michigan. (note, the slopes in Colorado are drastically different!). So here is one of the photos. Of course, click through to see more of the images from the trip.

The Night it Hailed in San Francisco
This Photo taken by theFerf

I’m just catching up on uploading photos and blogging about them, so here is one from February. I was told it was going to be warm (70 and Sunny) here in San Francisco, so imagine my surprise when I was working at my apartment and heard it start hailing! I snapped this photo really quickly of a handful of the hail outside my door.

Driving to Los Angeles, Editing Fit Life
This Photo taken by theFerf

Not too long ago, Amy and I took a weekend trip to Los Angeles to see the musical Wicked (which was amazing) and to see the sites. This is one shot Amy took really quickly from the drive down. She is driving, and I am in the back seat editing an episode of her video podcast “Fit Life”. We had a great time the whole weekend… click the photo to see photos of the Hollywood Sign, the La Brea tar pits and other sites from Los Angeles, CA.