Wintertime Blues

Wintertime Blues
I found this photo today and thought I would post it. It was taken last winter by me and was the first snow of the season. I dont think they get snow here in San Francisco, so I will probably have to back to Indiana (like I wasnt going to anyway) to see and play in the snow. Maybe Dave needs to organize a winter wonderland adventure party sometime in December?

Dear Dave.
If you are reading this, I need a winter party at your house.

This Photo taken by theFerf

2 thoughts on “Wintertime Blues

  1. consider it done. if you are coming home to tend the bar … we are all about it. you are the adventure .. you will be missed this weekend.

  2. uh ya..definately need a new bartender! brett and dave’s 10yr old jello shots just didn’t cut it and were the most ass disgusting things ever! Pleeeeeaase help them!!!

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