I dislike friendster. It may have been a brilliant idea when it started, but so far…its getting spanked! Im a member of every Social Network I can find and in all seriousness, friendster makes the least amount of sense. My Space may be clunky and ugly, but at least the buttons are where I think they should be when I need them and I know why I registered. At friendster, I just get confused…in any case, they got more money from Kleiner Perkins and lets hope they spend it wisely.

Friendster picked up yet another round of funding from Kleiner Perkins, adding to the pile of cash that KP, Benchmark Capital, and Battery Ventures have sunk into the dying social site. No one funding Friendster wants to admit it, but Myspace and Facebook have demolished Friendster’s chances of ever turning a profit. And if some conglomerate were foolish enough to buy it? At this point, there’d be so many investors to pay off that the founders will never see a dime.

Valleywag: Friendster buys more friends

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