Use Twitter as a Free Prescription Drug Savings Tool!

Twitter Saves People Money on Prescription MedicationBecause of sky-rocketing drug costs, people are looking everywhere for ways to save money on medicine they need to live. And what better way to connect with people than through the tools they are using already. Twitter is that tool! You have Twitter open all day and are watching tweets from friends come across, why not use Twitter as a free health care savings tool too?

How Do I use @ASKch to Save Money on Prescriptions?

change:healthcare has made it so easy, it should be illegal! Simply follow the steps below, and you will be finding ways to save on prescriptions, definitions for medical terms and health conditions and more… all delivered via private direct message using Twitter!

  1. Follow @askch on Twitter
  2. Send a formatted question via direct message
  3. Get a fast, automated answer. That’s it!

What Info Do I Send to @ASKch to Get Info Back?

How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs from @askchWe took the most common questions people ask about their healthcare, and created a way for you to get the answers, via Twitter, in 60 seconds or less. Below are examples of questions you can get answers to!

This simple tool for saving on prescriptions basically provides you with the following information. If you send it your prescription name and zipcode, it finds the cheapest pharmacy where you can buy that prescription and sends you a link to find out more information. But saving money on prescriptions is more than just finding a lower price. If you ask @askch how to save money by switching to a generic drug, it will send you all of the known names of the generics for your name brand prescription. Generics are the same thing (guided by the FDA), but are much cheaper. Finally, generic discounts are available for 100’s of prescriptions too. Generic discounts are typically available for $4 for 30 days or $10 for 90 days from most pharmacies and grocery store pharmacies. If you ask @askch if there is a generic discount, it will tell you yes/no and if yes, how much it costs and at what pharmacy!

Saving money used to be complicated. Thanks to ASKch, it’s much simpler now.

BTW, if you know me, you know I work for change:healthcare and helped develop this tool. You should use it, it rocks. :)