Apple is Awesome Because They Believe They Are

In an article written by TechCrunch this evening, a very interesting observation was made about building a company you believe in that really struck with me. There is no way I could say it any better than they did, or more detailed than they did… but let me tell you what the most important part of the story is for me…

You should not be working for the paycheck, you should be working because you believe it and because you love it. When you believe what you do is awesome, it is awesome.

Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Zappos… they all prove that loving what you do will pay off in the product you develop and your overall happiness in life. Below is a video of Apples recent keynote speech where an editor sliced together the positive word patterns from the presentation. Oh yeah, make sure you read the article too about the importance of enthusiasm to understand more what I am talking about.