Standing in Line to Get in to Macys

Standing in Line to Get in to Macys
I took this shot today across the street from Macy’s here in San Francisco. People were waiting in line outside of Macy’s just to get into the store. Macy’s has like 7 stories and basically owns the entire block, yet somehow it can fit all those crazy shoppers in.

The best part was the entrepreneurs who had setup shop alongside the sidewalk where the people had to stand to get into the store…Starbucks, discount merchandisers, and local street artists alike sold their little hearts out to the people dying to spend money..while they waited in line to get into the store!

** NOTE **
After taking this photo I immediately walked over to the very un-crowded Borders Bookstore and had me a big Carmel Latte and read 5 magazines. And as another side note, 4 of those magazines mentioned podcasting or had tutorials about podcasting! Im still amazed.

This Photo taken by theFerf

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