Dear Indiana (and Tennessee):
The weather here today was 77 degrees and will continue to be nice (in the 70s and above) all through Thanksgiving. Take that! I hear it is like 40 with tornados, rain and hail over there…bet you wish you were here in San Francisco now!

Love, Chris

Nice Weather


  1. amanda

    Dear Mr. San Fran~
    We love our 40% increase in heating bill, damage our car hail, and run for your life tornado’s! It’s almost that time when you come home, shovel Dave’s driveway and have a round of tequila shots!

  2. hud

    actually a crisp, but warm fall weekend. the last great one before the cold sets in. i wouldn’t trade this indiana weekend for a day on your deck. however, if you pulled me out to the bay .. i would feel differently.

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