Screw You, Indiana!

Dear Indiana (and Tennessee):
The weather here today was 77 degrees and will continue to be nice (in the 70s and above) all through Thanksgiving. Take that! I hear it is like 40 with tornados, rain and hail over there…bet you wish you were here in San Francisco now!

Love, Chris

Nice Weather

2 thoughts on “Screw You, Indiana!

  1. Dear Mr. San Fran~
    We love our 40% increase in heating bill, damage our car hail, and run for your life tornado’s! It’s almost that time when you come home, shovel Dave’s driveway and have a round of tequila shots!

  2. actually a crisp, but warm fall weekend. the last great one before the cold sets in. i wouldn’t trade this indiana weekend for a day on your deck. however, if you pulled me out to the bay .. i would feel differently.

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