Nik Rockin the Drums

Nik Rockin the Drums,
originally uploaded by theFerf.

Picture of Nik rockin the beat in the studio of SAE where the Dizzy Band recorded their demo album.

Street at Night

Street at Night,
originally uploaded by theFerf.

A photo from the balcony of my temporary apartment. Not a whole lot going on in the neighborhood, but the photo came out pretty well.

So, what is a guy to do when he is all alone in the city with too much energy and a need to talk? Thats right…have a couple of strong drinks, buy a pack of cigarettes, and walk around the big city handing out smokes and talking to the homeless.

Ok, so this is the first time I had done this, but I did it in order to prove a point. It is my intention to start a podcast called the “Street Cast” where I go around talking to people on the street (homeless folks mostly) and finding out a bit about them, there background and what lead up to them being there. Hopefully, if im lucky, I will get to hear some great original street music too.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I was out on the street this fine night and met a gentleman by the name of Billy. He was 53 and hanging out right outside my place. He told me some great stories about city life, why he was in town and a little about himself. He was quite polite to all the people that walked by, too. He only asks for change from single men (and sometimes women)…never from couples or families. Anyway, a couple of smokes and I was on my way. Hopefully if I can get my podcast up and running I will share the entire story..and more.

Sticky Windows
Sticky Windows
This software has effectively changed the way I work on a Mac. Using a 15″ Powerbook, most of the time my screen space is pretty valuable. With Sticky Windows you can drag any open window off to the side of the screen and it will create a tab for it.

When this tab is clicked, the window appears and disappears magically and creates a whole bunch of screen space for me to play with.

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