Fingernails as Food

Life in San Francisco…never a dull moment. On my way to the office today I was taking my usual route, listening to podcasts, and generally minding my own business. When I came up to a moajor intersection, I was forced to stop at the corner and wait on traffic and was disgusted yet pleased with what I saw.

On the corner, directly in front me, sat to pigeons fighting for what looked like food. As I leaned in a little bit closer I realized what the food really was….a finger nail! Those fuckers were eating fingernails! Someone had either lost or SEVERELY trimmed their nail and dropped it on the street…much to those pigeons delite.

I was seriously grossed-out at the site of 2 pigeons going at that finger nail like it was their last chance for survival. Well, at least I know the next time I clip my nails, they will not be wasted. I can simply toss them out the window for those flying rats to naw on.

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