Facebook to Sell Out?

Something about this just seems wrong. Somehow Facebook has the reputation (at least to me) as being this untouchable private community. The idea of an aquisition of such a private community is mind blowing in 2 ways:

1. The Bad: you only have an audience of 18-23 year olds
2. THE GOOD: you only have an audience of 18-23 year olds!

Business Week is reporting that Facebook has turned down a $750 million acquisition offer and is looking for $2 billion. The blogosphere is buzzing about the news.

The source of the information is an executive(s) at Facebook, which as a private company is fairly free to say just about whatever it likes with regard to acquisitions. And what they are doing is clearly playing Business Week to get the word out that they are very much for sale.

TechCrunch » Facebook is doing the Skype dance

3 thoughts on “Facebook to Sell Out?

  1. The Good: They have audience of people who will be college graduate, with a higher chance of a successful fruitful career hence higher spending power.
    A better target for marketers and brand advertisers.

  2. Maybe times have changed, but I did not get to keep my email address when I left college. Well, maybe I did get to keep it but didn’t because back then it didnt matter b/c the only benefit I got out of a university email address was access to student system to check courses and grades.

    Am i wrong in thinking this? Do people get to keep their college email addresses forever? Or are you talking about people marketing to them now in hopes that when they have these successful careers they will remember the ads and shop with them?

  3. I graduated in 96, I still have an alumni email account that I used to create a face book account. Further more it wont be difficult to add the ability to enter a new email account once you graduate the university. Services like Plaxo allow individuals to enter multiple email accounts and select a preferred email account for communication.

    Users do not get locked in because of an email account; users get locked in by the relationships they create at Facebook. Social networking sites like Facebook, linkedin and myspace help you keep track of your PAN, CAN and access a FAN. For varied affinities based around different needs to commune. If you can conviniently maintain these relationships then it is likely that you will keep going back to Facebook even if you graduate.

    PAN = Past affinity network.
    CAN = current affinity network.
    FAN = future affinity network.

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