C50 Flat Tire

C50 Flat Tire
Riding home a few days I got a flat tire on my motorcycle. Luckily, I was riding slow and without Amy on the back. An interesting experience none the less. It turns out, AAA does not tow Motorcycles here in San Francisco (without the upgraded insurance package) so I was on my own to figure it out.

I called my motorcycle dealer (Golden Gate Cycles) to get a reccomendation and they told me CC Rider Motorcycle Tow was the way to go, and they were right. They guy got to my place within 30 minutes of calling (yes, that is way fast. I waited 90 minutes for a jump one time in the city, and Im now 5 miles out of the city). He showed up with a motorcycle trailer that carried 2 bikes securily, which made me happy. Best part was, to fix the flat and to get the tow was under $150 which was about $100 less than I had expected.

The good news is, Im not dead and I know how to deal with a flat on a motocycle now.

This Photo taken by theFerf

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