Amy and her New Scooter

Scooter 1
So, Amy has seen the benefit of 2 wheel transportation here in San Francisco. When she first got here, I had my old motorcycle and took her everyplace. It is amazingly easy to find parking for motorcylcles and scooters in the city.

So when we went to buy my new motorcycle, we decided that Amy needed a scooter too. Scooters are pretty cheap, I was surprised. None the less, to the point. Click the link below to see a 10 photo set of Amy posing with her new scooter.

** NOTE **
Last weekend Amy and I both took a motorcycle safety course. She decided to take the motocycle course, and not the scooter course for the experience. It was funny to see (sorry no pictures) her riding a motorcycle and she did really well. Anyway, enjoy the photos.

See the Whole Set

This Photo taken by theFerf

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