Motorcycle Training and My Helmet

My Helmet (HJC AC-11)Honestly, who learns to ride a motorcycle in San Francisco, CA…quite possibly the hilliest city in the world? Well I for some reason decided to. After a few hours of riding through my neighborhood which requires me to go up and down STEEP hills and learn how to operate the hand and foot breaks, clutch and throttle at the same time while not rolling down the hill backwards, killing the bike or lurching into the car in front of me.

Needless to say, Im tired, my muscles are all sore, and my head hurts from thinking. It was fun to get out and about on the bike, but it was a killer day. I did get a new helmet though, one that fits, that i can see out of, and that according to the salesman people will be able to see me in. I ride a black bike, with a black jacket and dark jeans. This helmet should make me seen by other drivers, I hear.

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