Grandma Evelyn > Drum Major

This is a photo of my grandmother (on my dads side). Not sure of the exact year, but from what I hear she was the drum major at Purdue University in high school. My dad just added this photo to his flickr account, so I thought I would share it.

Amy Destroying a Whole Chicken

Amy Destroying a Whole Chicken
This Photo taken by theFerf

If you don’t know what Dixie Stampede is, check out this link. This photo was taken there. Amy was HILARIOUS in this photo trying to shove a whole chicken in her mouth!

Short Description: Everyone eats around a giant horse ring, no utensils. You eat everything with your hands. In the ring, performers do stunts, games and sing songs. It’s all owned by Dolly Parton.

Chris and Tim at the Gun Show (photo slideshow link)

Chris and Tim at the Gun Show

I went home this past weekend and scanned around 50 photos I could find of Tim and I from college. Talk about a lot of great memories! I miss you buddy. See more in the slideshow and image galleries below (same photos, different ways to view them).