Purdue University Top of the List for Music Piracy

RIAA Piracy PosterWell, I can’t say I am proud, but it always feels good to have your college/school rank at the top of a list for something. Unfortunately, it is at the top of the list for the highest level of piracy of MP3’s. This list was supposedly published by the RIAA in what CrunchGear is calling a, “…continuous effort to be douche bags”. Here are the top 25 from the list:

Top Piracy Schools
1. Ohio University – 1,287
2. Purdue University – 1,068
3. University of Nebraska at Lincoln – 1,002
4. University of Tennessee at Knoxville – 959
5. University of South Carolina – 914
6. University of Massachusetts at Amherst – 897
7. Michigan State University – 753
8. Howard University – 572
9. North Carolina State University – 550
10. University of Wisconsin at Madison – 513
11. University of South Florida – 490
12. Syracuse University – 488
13. Northern Illinois University – 487
14. University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire – 473
15. Boston University – 470
16. Northern Michigan University – 457
17. Kent State University – 424
18. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor – 400
19. University of Texas at Austin – 371
20. North Dakota State University – 360
21. Indiana University – 353
22. Western Kentucky University – 353
23. Seton Hall University – 338
24. Arizona State University – 336
25. Marshall University – 331

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3 Boys on the Deck… and in the Hot Tub

3 Boys on the Deck, Hot Tub
This Photo taken by theFerf

Here are the latest photos from Indiana. If you saw the video and felt like you needed more, these photos are a start. Hud and I are in the hot tub while Oldskule stands all bundled up, smoking a cigarette. It’s kinda hard to see, but the snow and window are blowing pretty strong. Luckily, it was warmer in the hot tub than it was standing next to it. Click the photo to see a handful of additional photos. More to come soon, Im sure.

My Indiana Vacation

Shit happens when you go on vacation, it happens to everyone, but how often do you get a freak snow storm that could pour 20" of snow in a day? I traveled to Indiana for a few days to relax and this is exactly what happened to me. Check out the quick movie I put together below to see some of the snow. I have not gone outside yet, but this footage from the windows of the house are a good start. PS. the video is a little squished, but you get the idea….


44 Hours Until I’m in Indiana

Monticello Weather

WTF! It is 4 degrees in Indiana right NOW! And I should note that it is 54 degrees here in San Francisco. Not warm, but not four.

Anyway, I figured since I damn near maxed out the number of vacation days you can have at our office (I knew I was forgetting something) and I was going to start losing them soon, I should burn through a few of thouse hours on “not working”. So Indiana, here I come! So David… get the hot tub fired up, buy a couple of handles of whiskey, and let’s get this party started, Indiana style!

Who knows what the hell I will do for 6 days in the middle of nowhere… if the “ferf growing up in Indana” myth is true (thanks Aaron), I will probably be running through the corn fields without a shirt on and counting my cuts.