Cool Tool: Forearm Forklift

Forearm Lift Straps

This is too sweet not to point out. If you move a lot, like I seem to, you will appreciate something like this.

I helped some friends move once and they had a set of these. Made moving mattresses and furniture too awkward/fragile for the hand truck much simpler. I’ve seen the same basic idea used by appliance delivery men (one or two long, wide webbing strap looped under something and lifted by someone on each side) but this is nicely finished and padded, for a lot less than I suspect it would cost to obtain similar materials.

Cool Tool: Forearm Forklift

City Jerks Uncovered: Part 1

Violation: Bus Driver Cutting Off Car. Car Retaliates With Collison &Cut-Off
Location: Around 8th & Brannan Streets
Date & Time: Wednesday May 3, 2006 @ 2:45 PM
License or Vehicle #: 1116981
Violator Description: Male, Asian American, Extremely Angry

Event Details: While riding my motorcycle back to the office from lunch I came to a stoplight. At that stoplight there was a black station wagon in the left lane and a double-length city bus in the right lane. As these 2 vehicles approached the light in front of me, the station wagon signaled and planned on switching lanes in front of the bus. The bus drivers reply was to yell frantically at the car driver, honk the horn, and to pull his bus so close to the other car that it couldn’t move. They both stopped at the light and the bus driver continued to inch his bus further and further ahead to avoid any chance of the station wagon getting ahead of him. When the light changed, the bus driver FLOORED IT much to the surprise of the station wagon who ended up turning into the side of the bus.

Both drivers sat there, neither able to move because their vehicles were touching. Eventually the station wagon put it in reverse, backed out, and slammed on the gas until she was eventually able to make an illegal turn in front of the bus to the right, from the far left lane.

The Problem: Having someone this angry, impatient, hostile and rude behind the wheel of a bus carrying loads of people is not right. The bus driver thinking he has the right to ride in any lane with no respect for painted lines or signs, to be in anyones way, and to force people (with the size of his bus) to do what he wants them to is not acceptable either.

Shame Factor:

* Since this is the first in a series (hopefully) of posts on this topic, I will explain the point of these posts. I get really irritated by the San Francisco Government/City Officials that feel they have the right to do whatever they want because they work for the city. This includes police officers, bus drivers, city workers, etc. These posts are my therapy to get past the anger I feel towards these people for abusing the system. The shame factor is on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being extremely shameful.

Police (and the city) VS. Taggers

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Police VS. Taggers
In the stairwell by my place there has always been a battle between the city and the kids who love to tag everything. In this photo, you can see the animosity.

Every day it seems there is some new defacing of this stairway, and every other day the city comes through and paints over it and uses a pressure washer to clean.

They have even installed video cameras to try and catch them…good luck with that.

This Photo taken by theFerf

Our First Real Motorcycle Outing… Success!

So the weather was finally nice this past weekend in San Francisco, and even nicer as we left the city. We planned on making a day trip to Stinson Beach here in California which is only a short ride away (like 25 miles or so) and I am so glad we did.

From the time we got up in the morining we were in a great mood. The sun was out and shining bright, the temperature was working its way up and we were on our way to a beautiful beach. I polished and packed the bike, we suited up and then we took off across the Golden Gate Bridge. Needless to say, we were not disappointed at all with the day. The motorcycle wound through the hills, mountains and trees… past national parks, Muir Beach, Muir Woods and other scenic spots, finally delivering us to our destination on the water in Stinson Beach. We were there by around 11am, beating the rush it seemed, because we were nearly alone in the parking lot and found a prime spot on the beach (quite the oposite from when we left). The next few hours are a blur of napping in the sun, walking on the beach, people watching, eating at a local gourmet restaraunt and chatting the day away with Amy.

We will definately be making this trip again…maybe even renting a car to take Cason along to the beach with us to play with the other dogs.