Damn that Airport Express!

So, last year for my birthday I got the greatest gift from my wifey. It was the Apple Airport Express which allowed my to share my music from my computer (via itunes) to my stereo which was on the other side of the house. It worked great while we lived in that house, but then we moved to our new place and it was downhill from there. I could never get it to work again, no matter what dave or apple support or anyone had to say about it.

But low and behold, I packed it and brought it to SF on a whim…and after about 30 minutes of crying and talking to it… I won! I now have a wireless network setup in my house and if I had a stereo here, I could share my music with that too! Oh the pleasures of a 4 day weekend alone.

Moving to a New Server

The web hosting world drives me crazy. It has been part of my businesses since I started in college and it has never been easy for me. Fortunately I have always had people smarter than myself to manage them for me (tim, dave & others). However, the time has come to make my life a little bit easier. I decided to buy another server and move all my personal sites (and a few other small sites) over to it with a managed domain, name server, email package, etc…all in one. I will lose some of the flexibility I have become accustomed to, but it will be worth it to not have to bother anyone to help me fix it.

So, why am I blogging about this? Well, because this may effect you. I spent the whole day today (well, yesterday now) setting up the server and moving about 10 domains over to it to test. One of them could have been yours, and hopefully you didn’t even notice because 95% of the process was entirely to easy. It’s amazing how much changes when you get stuck in an old system that just works. I’m glad I moved.

Standing in Line to Get in to Macys

Standing in Line to Get in to Macys
I took this shot today across the street from Macy’s here in San Francisco. People were waiting in line outside of Macy’s just to get into the store. Macy’s has like 7 stories and basically owns the entire block, yet somehow it can fit all those crazy shoppers in.

The best part was the entrepreneurs who had setup shop alongside the sidewalk where the people had to stand to get into the store…Starbucks, discount merchandisers, and local street artists alike sold their little hearts out to the people dying to spend money..while they waited in line to get into the store!

** NOTE **
After taking this photo I immediately walked over to the very un-crowded Borders Bookstore and had me a big Carmel Latte and read 5 magazines. And as another side note, 4 of those magazines mentioned podcasting or had tutorials about podcasting! Im still amazed.

This Photo taken by theFerf

Mac OS X Tips: Changing Any Icon

Ok, so I am new to the Macintosh (a little over a year now I think) but I always wondered how to change all of the icons on my computer easily without installing any third party applications. Turns out…its quite simple. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Pick the image/icon you would like to use and hit Apple+I
  2. Click on the little picture (in example, the cinema display)
  3. Hit Apple+C to copy the icon and close the window
  4. Pick the folder, drive or hardware device you would like to change the icon of and hit Apple+I on that
  5. Click on the little picture again and hit Apple+V to paste the new icon
  6. Close the open window, and enjoy your hard work!

As you can see in the image, I enjoyed my hardwork too much…I changed all of my icons for the folders I use most often. Most of the icons I got from the IconFactory Website in their free icon section.

Desktop Screenshot

Thanksgiving Day, part 2

Thanksgiving Dinner
Ok, after doing all those fancy math conversions and sweating in the kitchen for awhile, out comes lunch (and supper)! What more could a married man ask for other than a nice Thanksgiving day meal, a glass of wine, and a friendly Powerbook to keep me company.

Don’t even get me started on the can opener, it will get messy up in here…seriously, who has a can opener that requires your hands to move like that.

This Photo taken by theFerf