Housing? – a photoset on Flickr

Alrighty folks…here they are. This photo set on the flickr website contains pictures of my old and my new apartments. Oh yeah, and the ones that are furnished…those are of my old place. It was a furnished apartment for my first 6 weeks in San Francisco. The photos of the empty apartment…thats my new place. All I have now is an air matress and a plastic spoon. Not sure when I will have a chance to buy furniture or other needed accessories, so lets hope that my spoon doesn’t break.

See the Entire Set Here

MySpace.com Errors

MySpace ErrorAll this time I thought it was just the PodcastAlley.com Website that went down for no reason. Turns out, MySpace.com has the same problem! I very rarely go to that website, but like to visit it from time to time to see if anything has changed. 99% of the time, the answer is no. I keep hoping that something new or cool will show up on the site that may convince me that I need to sign up and play. But back to the point. It was just kinda funny to see the error on the site when i tried to visit (click the image to see if full size).

Bunnys Technorati Tags – WordPress Plugin

I started using this on the PodcastAlley.com blog awhile back but decided to start tagging my own blog now as well. If you are interested in an easy solution to add tags with links to technorati as well, thien I suggest this plugin. If anyone knows of something better, please let me know.

Bunny’s Technorati Tags provides you with template function to easily display Technorati tags for your posts. The tags are stored in a Custom Field, so this plugin does not require any modifications of the database structure. The plugin adds a text input for that custom field in the appropriate admin pages.

Bunnys Technorati Tags – WordPress Plugin

Wintertime Blues

Wintertime Blues
I found this photo today and thought I would post it. It was taken last winter by me and was the first snow of the season. I dont think they get snow here in San Francisco, so I will probably have to back to Indiana (like I wasnt going to anyway) to see and play in the snow. Maybe Dave needs to organize a winter wonderland adventure party sometime in December?

Dear Dave.
If you are reading this, I need a winter party at your house.

This Photo taken by theFerf