Vacation Comes to an End.

Well, it has been a relaxing 9 days. Tomorrow is my last day in Nashville and then it is back to the grind in San Francisco starting Tuesday morning. I would like to say it was an action-packed and eventful holiday but quite honestly, it wasn’t. And that was the intention.

Here is a run down of what I did while on leave:

  • Migrating 26 websites to a new server (non work related)
  • Relaxed  in the hammock
  • Trimmed the trees (got poison ivy)
  • Watched Transformers at the theater
  • Caught up on blog reading
  • Spent more time in the hammock
  • Reviewed a number of online startups
  • Walked around downtown Nashville
  • Entered all my financial information into
  • More time in the hammock
  • Visited my parents in Knoxville
  • Road through the Smoky Mountains and walked through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge
  • Visited the Harley Davidson Dealer (just for fun)
  • Reviewed some new t-shirt designs
  • More hammock time

That’s right folks. Nothing to see here. Go on about your business.

It’s Not That Nashville is Country….

It’s Not That Nashville is Country but where else can you drive to a cinema showing 12 good movies and be the only ones there? Granted it was a Thursday evening at 10pm, but on the way into the theater I counted 8 cars in the parking lot… and that included the employees! Considering these 12 movies show 4 or 5 times a day, it would not be far fetched for there to be a lot more cars there!  But the best was still to come.

We paid our $6 a piece for tickets (Amy had a discount) to go see Transformers. We got there 25 minutes early thinking it may be busy. We have become so used to the city and the fact that if you are not there early, you will not get 2 seats together, that we always show up early. We ended up sitting in a theater built for about 50 people all alone. We watched Transformers all alone. But the best is still to come.

As we exited the building, no other shows were playing. No concessions were being served. No attendant was in the lobby. The lights were turned down and the place had already been cleaned. We were the only people in the building. We let ourselves out and noticed we were the only car in the lot… so we made sure to push the door shut and locked.

We proceeded to our car and did a lap around the building where we found one other car in the lot. We thought that we may have been the last ones out, but most likely a high school kid would follow us out and shut the building down for the night.

So it’s not that Nashville is country… it’s just a lot smaller than we remember, and obviously shuts down a lot earlier as well. I grew up in a town where you could go to the theater for $1.50. That was country. But the theaters were still always packed. Sorry, no photos. I did not know it was going to be an adventure.

HA HA! Stupid Thieves

In the spirit of catching up on blogging, I have another story to share with you all. A few weeks back I got invited to beta test a new GPS device (sorry, can’t give any more details). For the record, it kicks SO much ass! The bad new is, it was stolen from my car.

Amy took off to the gym for a short workout and decided it would be ok to leave the device attached and in sight because she would not be gone long. She was parked near a major street in a very busy area of town (outside a 16 theater cinema) and when she got back to the car, the window had been smashed and the device was missing! DAMN IT!

Now you may be confused after reading the title of this blog post (ha ha stupid thieves) as to why I would have named this post that way… so let me tell you.

  1. I made a call to the the device company and the disabled it immediately. So all the thieves got was a paper weight
  2. Amy opted in to the window break insurance when we got our new car. Cheap repair = happy ferf
  3. Finally, the kicker. We had loaded 3 of our Macintosh laptops into a bag in the back of our SUV. Amy had actually stopped at the gym on the way TO the Apple store! If the thieves would have opened their eyes, they could have had $5k worth of easy to sell laptops without any more effort.

So I repeat. HA HA! Stupid Thieves!!