Scott Sigler Destroys Amazon. What Have YOU Done Today?

Sigler InfectionScott Sigler released his book, Ancestor, to the world today through As of this writing, it ranks #7 in the Top 100 books, right below (and above) the New Harry Potter Book! Which leads me to the question of this blog post… What have you done today?

While Sigler is out using the power of new media (podcasting) to grow support for his published book, what are you doing? You are sitting at home or in the office, reading my blog. I’m proud of Scott Sigler for working so hard at what he does, and finally seeing some of the rewards.

PS. I bought Siglers book this morning, and when I did, he was ranked #1,076 at Amazon. I am amazed that it jumped up to #7 so quickly along such books as Harry Potter and Suzy Ormans Financial Tips book. Way to Go Scott!!

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