Storms batter Nashville area, 2 dead : CNN

11 tornados ripped through my hometown in central Tennessee today producing golf ball sized hail, throwing mobile homes about, damaging/destroying department stores and nursing homes and more.

From CNN:

(CNN) — A line of severe thunderstorms and multiple tornadoes swept parts of four states on Friday, with reports of damage north and west of Nashville, Tennessee, authorities said.

Two deaths were confirmed in Sumner County, northeast of Nashville, said Eddie Boatwright, a spokesman with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

As of 4:40 p.m. ET, 16 Tennessee counties were under tornado warnings, as was one county in Kentucky and one in Indiana. An earlier warning was also issued in western Ohio.

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PS > Everyone from my family and my home are just fine.

Does this company respect me? Try the sticker test.

LOL. I got a good laugh out of this one and had to pass it along. Im not sure how many times I have thought the same thing.

Call off the expensive market research and fire the analysts and consultants.

Here’s a great way to find out if a company that makes physical products respects their products and their customers: if there’s a sticker on the product, and it peels off cleanly (and without tearing), then they’re a respectful company. If it tears or leaves sticky residue that you need to scrape off with a razor, then they don’t.

It’s that simple.

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Hack Attack: Firefox extension packs :

If you are like me and like to play on your computer a lot, you are going to want to take advantage of this new ‘Mass Installer Plugin’ for Firefox. It allows you to create a list of all the plugins installed for Firefox and install them in one swoop. This comes in very handy if you like to test multiple browsers or like to have your Firefox setup a certain way. With this plugin you can manage you extensions and backups easily.

Mass Installer Plugin

If you’ve ever had to re-install Firefox, or you’re installing Firefox for the first time on a new computer, you know it can be a pain to hunt down and install your favorite extensions. This week, I’m going to try to relieve some of that pain using previously-mentioned Firefox extension Mass Installer.

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