Sending money just got Easier

Sending money just got easier! Send money conveniently to friends and family. Instead of mailing a check, send money by phone with a service that you trust…

Once your phone is activated, text the amount you would like to send, along with the receivers phone number, to the PAYPAL number and the money will be transferred from your account to theirs. In my instance, if you text money to my cell phone number, it will get sent to my personal paypal account because I have attached that number to it. This sounds really cool to me and can see some cool things happening with this.

The faces say it All : St. Patricks Day 2006

The faces say it All : St. Patricks Day 2006
Ok. As the title says, the faces say it all with this photo. We had a great St. Patricks Day this 2006, did you? Thanks to everyone who stopped buy for Irish Car Bombs, it was worth the hang-over.

PS. If you came over after this photo, I don’t remember.

This Photo taken by theFerf