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I Love IT! Some people are so smart.

Google Maps Advertising

Advertisers are slowly discovering the potential of Google Maps, and some, like the Target store above (more at Google Sightseeing), are even enjoying some unexpected windfall. Poynter Online talks about realtors tapping into satellite imaging tools. Google Maps Mania is running a log on map hacks, some of them by businesses.

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Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA

Lombard Street, San Francisco
I figure it is obligatory for me to post these pictures from time to time. This weekend Amy and I walked… A lot. The last place we went to was Pier 39 (and Ghiradelli Square) where we had one of their famous Hot Fudge Sundays.

On the way home we came upon the crookedest street, seen in the picture here. Actually, I saw a tv show this weekend that said this is the second most crooked street, but I cant remember what the first is. Maybe you know what it is?

This Photo taken by theFerf

Health department shuts down KFC :

They should have been shut down a long time ago. The generation of people that worked there before me most likely ruined the vacations of many Indiana Beach visitors with food poisoning…and while the 3 years that I worked there we may not have paid the most attention to health regulations (we were just kids, what did we know about food safety, cross contamination or the infamous “danger zone”) at least we had a good time. Good bye KFC and all the fond memories. RIP.

The future of whether a Monticello restaurant can reopen depends on whether it can satisfy the requirements of the White County Health Department.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 901 N. Main St., was ordered closed by the White County Health Department on Jan. 3, 2006.
On Tuesday, White County Food Protection Specialist Linda Russow said that the establishment posed an “imminent health hazard” to the public because the restaurant “wasn’t sanitizing, and people might still have the food in their refrigerators.”

>> The Herald Journal
>> Originally at Exile Life

Purse shaped like Paris Hilton’s dead chihuahua

“James Piatt designed this purse (shaped like an upside-down, dead chihuahua with a handle threaded through its stiffened legs) in an attempt to capitalize on last years trend that involved carrying small accessory animals. To be more specific it pretty obviously represents Paris Hilton’s discarded and dead chihuahua.”

Boing Boing: Purse shaped like Paris Hilton’s dead chihuahua

Media Photoshop Retouching

Usually I would just post a link like this to my account but I really liked the work that was put into this site. Take a look now and see the transformation of an ordinary girl into a magazine covergirl…thanks PhotoShop! PS>> Be sure to click the photo…there is a popup that will show you ALL the tips and tricks with before and after photos!

The media world is becoming increasingly fixated on appearances. And the number of tricks used to achieve the increasingly exaggerated ideals is growing. Many models have plastic surgery and even more are retouched so they appear to have bigger breasts, smaller stomachs or fuller lips.

Media Photoshop Retouching