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Sticky Windows
Sticky Windows
This software has effectively changed the way I work on a Mac. Using a 15″ Powerbook, most of the time my screen space is pretty valuable. With Sticky Windows you can drag any open window off to the side of the screen and it will create a tab for it.

When this tab is clicked, the window appears and disappears magically and creates a whole bunch of screen space for me to play with.

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Office Fire

Office Fire,
originally uploaded by theFerf.

It was an interesting day at the office yesterday. The building across the street started on fire. The great city of SF decided to send out 7 firetrucks (including 2 with ladders) and 2 ambulances as well. Needless to say, it was a bit overkill.

As you can tell from the photo (or see the rest here) the fire could have been put out with a bucket of water. In any case, it made for an interesting 20 minutes or so and I got to see the fireman break a lot of glass, pull the hoses out, climb the giant ladders with chainsaws and more.